You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people.

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  1. Dido - End of Night
  2. Franz Ferdinand - Take me Out
  3. David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World
  4. Within Temptation - Shot in the Dark
  5. Robyn - Be Mine
  6. HIM - Heartache every Moment
  7. F(x) - Electric Shock
  8. Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction (not really, more like the dirty version xD)
  9. Emilie Autumn - Girls just wanna have fun (Harpsichord rendezvous)
  10. Exo - Overdose (Chinese)

O.o only two kpop songs.. Oh well, the majority songs on my iTunes are in English. I need to fix this xD

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Artist: JYJ
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We’re running running running 
without notion 
그 시간 뒤로 하룰 마감할 때
We’re fighting fighting fighting 
without reason 
나의 혁명은 시작 될 거야

140729 - JYJ’s “Just Us” Album Info


1. “JUST US”
(Composed by 박 일 / Arranged by 박 일)

(Lyrics by 김태완, 동네형, 원영헌 / Composed by김태완, 동네형, 원영헌 / Arranged by김태완, 동네형, 원영헌 / Guitar 이성열 / Drum 강수호 / Piano & Keyboards 김태완, 동네형, 원영헌 / Chorus 김태완)

3. “LETTING GO” – lyrics written by Junsu, rap making by Yuchun
(Lyrics by JUNSU, Daryle “D.Brown” Oldham / Composed by Daryle “D.Brown” Oldham / Arranged by Daryle “D.Brown” Oldham / Rap making by 박유천 / Guitar John Fitzgerald / Chorus Daryle “D.Brown” Oldham)

4. “7살” 7 years oldJUNSU solo!
(Lyrics by 미친감성 , 임한별 / Composed by 미친감성 / Arranged by 미친감성 / Piano 길은경 / Keyboards 미친감성)

5. “DAD, YOU THERE?” – lyrics written by Yuchun
(Lyrics by Yuchun, Daryle ‘D.Brown’ Oldham / Composed by Daryle “D.Brown” Oldham & Gabriel Bello / Arranged by Daryle ‘D.Brown’ Oldham / Guitar John Fitzgerald / Chorus Daryle ‘D.Brown’ Oldham)

6. “SO SO”
(Lyrics by 회장님, 정재엽, AQX / Composed by 회장님, 정재엽, AQX / Arranged by 회장님, 정재엽, AQX / Guitar 이성열 / Drum 강수호 / Chorus Just, Edan)

7. “새벽 두시 반” (Two-thirty in the morning)
(Lyrics by 미친감성 / Composed by Brandyn Burnette, Odd Jensen, Elisabeth Carew / Arranged by Odd Jensen / Chorus 강태우)

8. “LET ME SEE” – lyrics written by Jaejoong
(Lyrics by Jaejoong / Composed by 회장님, 2JAJA, AQX / Arranged by 회장님, 2JAJA, AQX / Piano 길은경 / Chorus Just, Edan)

9. “서른..” (Thirty years old…) lyrics written by Yuchun, song written by Yuchun and Kwon Bin Ki, YUCHUN solo!!
(Lyrics by 박유천 / Composed by 박유천, 권빈기 / Arranged by 권빈기, 황성수 / Rap making by 박유천 / Guitar 홍준호 / Bass 최 훈 / Drum 장 혁 / Keyboards 김은혜 / Chorus 강태우 / Narration 이동희)

10. “BaBoBoy” lyrics written by Jaejoong
(Lyrics by Jaejoong / Composed by Claire Sackwild, Tobias johansson, Jack Door / Arranged by Jack Door / Chorus 강태우)

11. “DEAR J” lyrics written by Jaejoong, JAEJOONG solo!!
(Lyrics by Jaejoong / Composed by회장님, 정재엽, AQX / Arranged by회장님, 정재엽, AQX / Guitar 이성열 / Bass 양승호 / Drum 강수호 / Chorus 강태우, Edan)

12. “CREATION” lyrics written by Jaejoong
(Lyrics by Jaejoong / Composed by Takashi Fukuda, Richard K & Edward K / Arranged by Takashi Fukuda, Richard K & Edward K / Chorus 강태우)

(Produced by J. Lonny Bereal for Lonny Tunes Music/Hitclub Management and Charlie Bereal for Emmanuel Music / Co. Producer Ray Yeom, Tyrone NIDDY Buckner Jr. Billboard Entertainment Group LLC / Written by J. “Lonny” Bereal for Lonnalistic Hitz / Notting Dale Songs Inc. (ASCAP), Charlie Bereal for C Sun (ASCAP), Chris Brown / Vocal Production by Charmelle Cofield / Vocal Engineer Beau Vallis / Mix Engineer Jaycen Joshua / A&R: Tyrone NIDDY Buckner Jr.)

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